GOLD for sale!!!

"Please read carefully before looking at the following pages"

One of my hobbies is gold mining. I go to Alaska, the California Mother Load, and the California Desert each year looking for the "end of the rainbow". I have found a nice ammount of gold, and now I want to share it with you!!

The gold listed here is for sale. The idea is not to make you rich, it is sold for its "souvenir" value only. Do I make a profit? Yes, but think about it, I fly up to the wilds of Alaska, do all the digging, pan the dirt and separate the gold, fly back home, buy the bottles and fill them up. I do all the work, and YOU GET THE GOLD!!

Check out what I have for sale. Own some REAL GOLD DUST, or NUGGETS!!
All the GOLD is REAL! Mined by myself, or my friends in Alaska or California.

Please read the description of what you are buying BEFORE you send off for the items for sale.
If you paid for the GOLD mining trip yourself, the gold would cost you many times more than it is listed for sale here. And remember, "I did all the work"!! YOU get all the gold!!

Click here to see the GOLD!

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Last modified on Sunday, October 04, 1998