Misc. Tv Logos NEW, Feb. 98!!

RCA Logos NEW, Feb. 15, 1998!

Very Early ABC TV Logo used in the 1940s

Logo used by KABC TV Hollywood in the 1940s and 50s

Very early ABC TV Logo

The ABC circle "a"

KABC circle "a"

1949 ABC Logo

1952 ABC "early" Circle Logo

CBS "Early Camera" Logo

CBS 1966 to 1968

CBS 1981 to 1982

1949 CBS Logo

1951 CBS "eye" Logo (debut year)


NBC TV Camera Logo

NBC Peacock


BBC TV Lime Grove Studios


WDSU TV New Orleans
 Logo from 1950

My thanks to David Schwartz, Paul Yacich, Jan Lowry, Mike Jones and Dicky Howett for some of these logos!!
The rest came from my collection.

Stay tuned, more to come!
Do you have any old TV logos that you would like to donate to this page? Please e mail them to me and I'll give you a photo credit!

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