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Camera Support Equipment and Lenses

Camera Friction Head
Model MI-26205-B

Television Crane Type TD-6A
RCA TK-11A mounted on a Friction Head
This crane could provide a lens height
of 3 1/2 to 9 1/2 feet from the floor
           It weighed 1250 lbs
less the camera balance weights

Lenses for RCA "turret" cameras
From left to right:

 25" 17" 15" 13" 8 1/2"

135mm 90mm 50mm 35mm

Zoomar Lens for all RCA "turret" cameras
Focal length, 3'' to 13" (for close viewing)
Focal length, 5" to 22" (for distant viewing)
Length, 30"
Weight 14lbs!!!
Field coverage, up to 15 times.

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