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The Pharis name in Greece

A map of the Southern area of Greece

From Pausanias guide to Ancient Greece. Sather classical lectures Univ. Cal. press 1985. and Penguin classics. 2 volumes, Ney York, 1979.

During the reign of King Agamemnon, a Pharis is mentioned and dwelt in Lacedaemon.

Not far from Therapne, is what is called Phoebaeum, in which is a temple of the Dioscuri. Here the youths sacrifice th Enyalius. At no great distance from it stands a sanctuary of Poseidon surnamed Earth-Embracer. Going on from here in the direction of Taygetus, you come to a place called Alesiae (place of grinding). They say that Myles (mili-man) the son of Lelex, was the first human to invent a mill, and that he ground corn in this Alesiae. Here they have a hero-shrine of Lacedaemon, the son of Taygete. Crossing from here, a river Phellia, and going past Amyclade along a road, leading straight towards the sea, you come to Pharis. It was once the city of Laconia.

Here is another version of what I think might be the same ancient city. (also from Homers Iliad)

There is in our time a city Abia in Messenia, on the coast, some 20 states from the Choerius valley. They say that this was formally called Ire and was one of the 7 cities which Homer says that Agamemnon promised to Achillies when Hyllus and the Dorians were defeated by the Achaeans. It is said Abia, nurse of Glenus, the son of Heracles, withdrew to Ire, and settling there, built a temple to Heracles, and that afterwards for this reason, Cresphontes amongst other honors assigned to her, renamed the city after Abia. There was a notable temple of Heracles here, and also of Asclepius.
Pharae*, is seventy stades distant from Abia. On the road is a great salt spring. The emperor Augustus, caused the Messenians of Pharae, to be incorporated in Laconia*. The founder Pharis is said to have been the son of Hermes, and Phylodameia, the daughter of Danaus. The people of Pharae possess also a temple of fortune and a ancient image

* Pharae, was called "Pharis" by the Spartans..

* Laconia, an administrative unit of Greece. (click on the Greece icon) at the top of this page, to to see a map of the area.

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