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The Pharis name in Arabia

From THE ILIAD book II, by Homer

The Islamic historians consider the Amalekites, to be one of the most ancient of the Arab tribes. Abulfeda, a Arab scholar of the 13 century, wrote:

Shem, (son of Noah), has several sons, among them, Laund, to whom was born, Pharis, Djordjan, Tasm, and Amalek.

 The Amalkites, ruled in Mecca and from their central position on the great peninsula of Arabia.
They doninated other Arabian tribes. The Amalekites came from Arabia, but apparently had Hamitic blood in their viens. They were a nation a herdsmen and roamed with their large heards from field to field. Their donination over many countries of the near and middle east endured accordind to various reckonings for almost 500 years.

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