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More Early Television Photos

TV Camera from 1929

1929 TV Set

             1927 Radio Vision TV Camera.
In the center cabinet are the 60-cycle and 2,000 cycle A.C. motors which drive a perforated disk. The light from an arc in the cabinet at the rear passes through the holes in a revolving perforated disk, and falls on the face of the subject.
This system developed by the Bell Telephone Labs.

1928 35mm sound projector, using a Western Electric Universal Base, topped with a Simplex 35mm projector head, and upper magazine, and a low intensity carbon arc lamp house. The item in front of the projector is possibly a ballast for the carbon arc lamp.
The Western Universal Base, was capable of reproducing both sound-on-film optical sound tracks, and sound-on-disk sound tracks. Western Electric developed the sound-on-disc process, and presented it to Warner Brothers.
Thanks to Gene McCluney, for this information.

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