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History of the Pharis name
The first mention I have heard of concerning the Pharis name is when I went into a Cost Plus Import store in Los Angeles and I gave the man behind the counter a check for something I was going to buy. He looked at the name on the check and said "is your name Pharis?" Of course since I just signed the check in front of him, I said "yes it is". He started yelling to someone in the back of the store and said "come here quick". A man came running and the store clerk said to him, "look, look, this man's name is Pharis"!!! The other man said "PHARIS!!!!!". And I said "yes, Pharis". Well as you can guess, by now I thought I was going to be arrested for passing bad checks, or something! The man told me that the name Pharis was a very honared name in their country. Thousands of years ago, the name Pharis was given to the (great mounted horesmen) who protected the ruler of Arabia!! They were the best riders, fighters, and swoardsmen in the country. I asked them if they knew anymore about the Pharis's and they said "no". I have checked many history books on Arabia, and found no reference to the Pharis name. Well, it was a great story anyway! If you have heard anything at all about the history of the Pharis name in Arabia, please let me know.

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